Why are we a sustainable accommodation?

One of the most important values for us is the environmental sustainability. Since the first moment when we started this project, we knew that we anted to do it in a respectful way to the environment.

We have compiled the principal actions that we made to take care of our planet.

Our ecofriendly hostel

Renewable energy

The energy efficiency is the key to save energetic resources. The house, in the rehabilitation, was isolated properly to reduce energy consumption.

For the heaten and to warm the water we use biomass, a renewable energy production with less emisions because of the type of combustion.

Another important point in the energy saving is the use of leds and energy-efficient lights, and, of course, the good habit of turn off the lights when we don’t need them.

saving and care of the water

Water is a fundamental element for the life in our planet, but it is scarce in several places. In addition, rivers, lakes and seas are being increasingly contaminated, and the consequences of this are dramatic for the marine ecosystems, and the rest of the planet life.

For the laundry, we only use ecological products. For the guests laundry, por the bed linen, towels and all that we need each day, we use ecological powder and bicarbonate. We don’t use softener for the clothes, because the water alkalinity in our zone is really low. 

Furthermore, all the water taps have aerator filters to reduce water consumption.

natural and ecological cleaning

We only use natural products on the cleaning. We clean with vinegar, bicarbonate and white clay.

They are natural disinfectants that are not harmful not even for the people, or for the earth.

We don’t use any chemichal product on our garden neither. We reuse some organical waste to fertilize the garden.

The hand soap is biodegradable, and the company collect the package to reuse it.

The dishwasher powder and soap are ecological too.

sustainable consumables

In our daily work, we must have some stuff available for our guests. 

The napkins, kitchen paper, toilet paper and tissues for dry the hands, all these products are recycled and non-whitened. Also, we have ecological alternatives to the synthetic swab, we have natural esparto swabs.

Our pens have a minimum plastic percent, made of carton and wood.

ecological furniture

Our furniture is made by ecological wood of national manufacturing.

Wood is the element of the hostel, stairs, tables, chairs, foolr, doors. Furthermore its warmth, is the most natural material that we could use. 

For the exterior, we built by ourselves a sofa and a table with old palets, to reuse this wood and create a space for chill in the garden.

Also, we used palets to make more things that we need, like a banch in the entry, wall protectors (where the bikes are hanged) and a little planter.

recycling waste

About the waste treatment, in our hostel we recycle all that can be recycled. But in this point, it’s very important the colaboration of our guests in the momment of the separation of the different materials in the correct bucket.