Get A Guarda by ferry

To get A Guarda via the Portuguese Coastal Way you must cross the natural border that is the river Miño

Here you will find the information that you need, the schedule of the Ferry and other alternatives.

Cross from Caminha by ferry

The Portuguese Coastal Way enters Galicia through A Guarda, so we must cross the river Miño.

To take the Ferry in Caminha, you must go to the Ferry Station,  you must just follow the Way, and it ends there.

The cost of the journy is around 1’5€, and it lasts aroun 15 minutes. The ferry arrives to A Pasaxe, Camposancos, in the southern side of the Tegra Mountain. A Guarda is on the other side of the mountain.

From A Pasaxe, you can follow the Way, that goes through Camposancos, or you can follow the sea path that goes around the mountain and alongside the sea. This route is a little bit longer (6’8 km), but it worth it. You will walk along a few beaches (O Miuño in the picture) and see the river mouth, between Spain and Portugal. The path to the town since the river mouth is called the Blue Path, that enters A Guarda just in the dock.

Schedule Ferry Caminha-A Guarda

The schedule of the ferry changes every week due the tide. It only can navigate with high tide. You can find it updated in the following link Schedule Ferry A Guarda.

The ferry usually works during half day, and an important data is that it doesn’t work on mondays.

Other alternatives to cross the river

In addition to the ferry, there exist another ways to arrive by boat to A Guarda from Caminha. A few boats work like taxis independently of the ferry. There are their contacts, the work more hours than tha ferry and also on mondays. 

Francisco Mario Gonçalves: +00351 963 416 259

Taxi-mar: +00351 915 955 827 / +00351 258 401 599

Taxi Boat pilgrim: +00351 913 524 110